This blog is for all the fans of live music, from the casual listener to the weekend warrior, so they can easily find great music in Dayton area.

A Weekend to Celebrate, Get Down, and Disco!

2:52 pm Nov. 17, 2017

This weekend is packed with celebrations: Doc Severinsen’s 90th Birthday, Jeff Opt’s 50th Birthday, The Gem City Get Down, Curse of Casandra’s album release, and the annual Discogiving, among many more live music events.

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Dayton Music Insider: Alt Rock Reigns

9:32 pm Nov. 10, 2017

Dayton Ohio is famous for its alternative rock scene, and this weekend you can get lots of it around the area from Blind Bob’s downtown to Peach’s Grill in Yellow Springs!

If that’s not your scene,

Don’t miss the Dayton Music Fest!

1:13 am Nov. 3, 2017

This weekend’s Dayton Music Fest is a treasure troves for local music aficionados!

Local musician Nathan Peters curated a super sweet line-up across two beloved venues on both Friday and Saturday nights. This festival truly highlights a

Pushing Boundaries with The Dayton Underground Series

7:03 pm Oct. 13, 2017

Every week I’m simply delighted by the variety and depth of musical offerings in Dayton, and this week is no exception. If you love singing, jazz, classical, international music, country, funk, jams, hard rock, metal

Dayton Music Insider: Metal Alliance Tour

5:02 pm Sep. 28, 2017

Fall music is officially here, and for me it means listening to slightly darker music, especially as we move into October this weekend. Grungy, loud, and even a little scary fits the Halloween season mood