This blog is for all the fans of live music, from the casual listener to the weekend warrior, so they can easily find great music in Dayton area.

Dayton Music Insider: Wham Bam & Juicy Jams!

2:34 pm Aug. 17, 2017

This week, it was interesting to note, that Thursday (aka Bootleg Friday) has stolen the show from the weekend. For some reason, it’s an evening absolutely packed with amazing shows! Definitely one heck of a way

Dayton Music Insider: Summer Fun at Canoegrass!

5:24 pm Aug. 4, 2017

The Miami Valley is known for it’s intertwining rivers, so why not intertwine a music festival into the relaxation and recreation of our rivers? The annual  features Tim Spoores from 6-8pm on their spacious patio. Check

Charity Rocks at Miami Valley Music Fest

6:59 pm Jul. 20, 2017

Did that Phish show get you fired up? (What did I tell you?!) This is the perfect time to keep that loving energy right on rolling! This weekend, Friday July 21st and Saturday July 22nd,

Dayton Music Insider: Angels, Moonshine, & Temptations

6:00 am Jun. 30, 2017

The upcoming week of music is one that proves truth is stranger than fiction!

In the same week, Dayton is hosting Corey Feldman and his “Angels,” a “Spectacular Moonshine Concert,” and blasts from the past including

Dayton Music Insider Top Pick: The Taper’s Ball

10:11 pm Jun. 23, 2017

Dear readers, I apologize in advance. I’ve attempted to make picking what show to go to easier and with this particular weekend, I’m not sure I’ve accomplished that. I’m still torn! I’m going to try to bop